Bread needs butter! The key to killer press releases

buttered-18641_640Is your business in the business of writing press releases? If it isn’t, it should be. Press releases are a great way of communicating with your customers in a way that isn’t ‘salesy’. Press releases relay the benefits of your brand without readers knowing that they’re being sold to. That’s because, officially, press releases are news, not adverts.

Press releases therefore need to be written a certain way – factual, un-flowery, devoid of ‘spin’ and containing a genuine news item.

Still, lots of companies get press releases wrong, because once they have the ‘bread’ of the press release, they leave off the ‘butter’.

And what is the butter, you ask?


A press release without a quote is just like bread without butter. Dry. Boring. Missing something. A quote allows you to make observations, give a point of view, and make a claim that doesn’t need substantiating. A quote from someone within your company immediately humanises the company and makes your story more relatable to readers. Quotes also allow you to make the odd sales statement without being too obvious about it.

Take a look at this example of a press release I wrote for Miko Coffee. Here the quote makes the story more relatable, more human, reminding readers that behind Miko Coffee are people. It also contains a sales statement that is not in-your-face, but appropriate given the topic.

man-791440_1920Do you need help writing punchy press releases? Most companies ought to send out a press release at least once a month. I’ve written press releases for a variety of clients and seen a number of them published on news/business websites and in newspapers. I’m confident that I can deliver a strong, well-written press release for you to submit to your media list – and at a very competitive rate.

Get in touch with me on 07411 331721 or at and let’s get the media talking about your business!


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