5 quick copywriting tips for writing better marketing emails

There’s an art to the cold email, just as there is to the cold call. People find cold calls and cold emails frustrating (me included), but that’s partly because of the lack of effort that goes into them.

The problem with a lot of cold emails is they’re simply too cold. In other words, the sender has put no effort into tailoring the email to the recipient — probably because the sender has no idea who the recipient is. The emails are all identical and getting sent out automatically to a database full of email addresses.

Generally these kinds of emails are headed straight for the recipient’s junk folder, which makes them a complete waste of time. Here are 5 quick copywriting tips to help make your marketing emails more likely to be opened, read and replied to…

Tip 1 – Know who you’re writing to

When I receive an email that says “Hi” or “Hi friend” or “Dear customer” or “Dear beautiful person” — anything of the like — I generally hit the junk button before reading any further. I know immediately that it’s a cold email (or a scam artist).

You need to find out the name of the person you’re writing to. This takes time and effort, but recipients are much more open to reading on if you address them by name. That’s just basic politeness. A personal salutation also makes it less clear that your email is ‘cold’, because the reader knows it’s meant for them.

If you really can’t find out your recipient’s name for some reason, use a title. If you’re writing to a company, write “Dear Marketing Manager” or “Dear Finance Manager”. It’s still very possible your email will be ignored, but it’s better than “Dear Sir/Madam”. It at least lets your recipient know that your email is relevant to them. Similarly, if you’re emailing consumers, writing “Dear Pet Owner” or “Hi Music Fan” is better than just “Hi” or “Hello”.

Tip 2 – Personalise, then personalise some more

You want to start your email with some words about your recipient or their company. A personal salutation is a start, but if nothing in the body of your email is remotely tailored to your reader, it becomes obvious very quickly that it’s a cold, impersonal sales email. Emphasise that you know a little bit about them, because then they’ll be more receptive to how you can help.

It obviously takes time to research companies, but it only needs to be a line or two. The rest of the email can be the same for all recipients (as long as it’s relevant to each of them). The key is making your reader think it’s a personal email written especially for them.

Tip 3 – Address your recipient’s problems/needs

You need to identify right at the start of your email why your recipient should read on. What’s in it for them? What will they get out of it? Why is your email going to be useful to them? When you talk about your recipient or their business in your opening, don’t just reel off a list of facts. Let them know what it is about their business that you can help with.

Tip 4 – Make your email concise, persuasive and easy-to-read

Sales emails should be direct, concise and readable. They shouldn’t be too long or bogged down in long, complicated sentences. Emails are read by people who are often in a hurry. You need to get your message across quickly and clearly. Use catchy subheadings and bullet points. Use the word “you” frequently and answer your reader’s questions. Demonstrate that you care about your reader. This will make your message more persuasive.

Tip 5 – Create an attention-grabbing subject line

The first obstacle with cold sales emails is actually getting your email opened. So make your subject line stand out. Treat it like a headline and use emotive, attention-grabbing words (without overdoing it). Promise something good, giving recipients a reason to find out more, and don’t be too clever about it. It’s always best to be short, sharp, specific and clear with any email subject line.

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Happy Monday! 🙂


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