Skillshare video class: how to write a great home page & keep people on your site

My first class for Skillshare has launched.

Skillshare is an online learning platform comprised of online video classes taught by practitioners in a variety of areas, including technology, design, lifestyle, entrepreneurship and the creative arts.

I was approached by Skillshare earlier this year and asked to become a teacher on the site, helping students to learn how to write copy.

I figured that a great place to start would be writing a home page for a business, so this is what my first class is all about. There’s also a class project on writing a catchy and informative headline for a home page.

At thirteen minutes, the class is nice and bite-sized and not too time-onerous (these days nobody has much of that!)

If you’re interesting in learning more about copywriting, please sign up to Skillshare and you’ll be able to view my class in full. (You can watch the introduction without signing up.)


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