My Clients

“Christopher been writing excellent press releases and case studies for me since 2017. He quickly gained an understanding of the FLS software proposition and has proven easy to work with, writing in the style that suits our industry and flexible to arrange telephone interviews with customers at their preferred time.  Christopher is reliable in his ability to quickly obtain the story and then turn this into an interesting read that entwines benefits and strong customer quotes. I now consider Christopher to be an ‘available on demand’ extended part of my team which is exactly what I was looking for. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.”
Jeremy Squire, Fast Lean Smart

“Christopher has produced some great work for us here at Clearvision, I’d particularly commend him for his researching skills. He has helped produce content for white papers for us and during the process kept us up-to-date with the progress. I would be happy to recommend and work with Christopher again.”
Mehrnaz Karimi, Clearvision

“We commissioned Christopher to assist us with an article. Christopher has a great way with words and was able to take transform our article into something which was both informative and interesting to read. As a result it has been published 3 times in relevant industry magazines, one of which offered us a 3 page spread. Christopher is a pleasure to work with and made the process very easy and worked to our deadlines. We would recommend his copywriting services.”
Joanne Merry, Carbon2018

“I commissioned Christopher to write a white paper about the human cloud and the future of IT recruitment. I was impressed by his grasp of the subject and ability to add further depth with independent research. The whole process was simple and the output from Christopher was spot on. A great resource we intend to use again!”
Joe Ford, Clearhub

“Christopher has been much more than a copywriter to Evatic and Tesseract. We’ve been working closely with him to develop our brands and establish our marketing strategy, and find him to be an invaluable source of insight and ideas. Christopher also manages our social media pages, writes blogs, case studies, press releases and web pages, and is always on hand to assist with any other marketing-related bits and pieces that need doing. His writing is excellent and a number of his pieces have generated leads for the companies. We hope to work with him for a long time to come.”
Einar Ringen, Evatic and Tesseract

“I am currently having my website redesigned and needed some help with my copy. Christopher has rewritten all the pages for me and he’s done an amazing job. It reads really well and he came up with several phrases to engage my potential customers. He adapted to a style that would suit my customers and I’m so happy with the results, would highly recommend!”
Louise Allison, Louise Rose Couture

“We have worked with Christopher on a number of occasions, most notably on the creation of a major corporate brochure for a construction firm. He has an engaging and approachable manner and listened intently to the brief, resulting in an outstanding first draft for the client to get their teeth into. His interpretation, writing style and ability to convey multiple messages in a concise and clear way enabled the project to progress with ease. Response times and unbelievable patience added positively to the overall experience. We are very happy to endorse Christopher’s work. Behind that youthful exterior is a killer copywriter, and a highly professional colleague.”
Simon Lipyeat, Kis Marketing

“Christopher is great to work with, personable, organised and at ease in front of our clients – and most importantly his copy is always spot on.”
Dan Campling, Brandtastic


“I have practiced medicine for many years and when I set up The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre, I needed a copywriter who would write treatment pages for the website. I was more than satisfied with the work that Christopher Berry produced. His writing was well-researched, professional and accurate, on time and set out with clarity. I highly recommend his work and diligent approach.”
Dr Robert Pender, The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre


“Christopher produced a thoughtful and engaging article for BBC StoryWorks that answered the brief perfectly. He went out to meet and interview our client and was a professional and reliable representation of the work we do. Christopher was easy to communicate with and always on hand to jump on a quick call throughout the writing process to confirm it was heading in the right direction. As an editor, also trying to work to client needs, this was hugely reassuring. Our client loved the content — the feedback was that it was the strongest of the articles written for the campaign. I look forward to working with him again.”
Marie Teather, BBC Storyworks


“Christopher helped us with copy for a highly technical aviation software product brochure. The client wanted a piece that would allow them to compete with far larger and more entrenched competitors. Our client approved the copy on the first look, and complimented us on the strength of the messaging that Christopher created.”
Robin Watson, Ouno Creative


“For the last 3 years, Christopher has been supporting Smart Surgical Appliances Ltd with its copywriting activities. He looks at copy with a perfectionist’s eye and draws on impressive knowledge of grammar and good sentence structure to enhance the quality of our written prose.  Christopher’s work has made an invaluable contribution to the quality and delivery of our company literature.”
Adam James, Smart Surgical Appliances Ltd


Christopher has been working as a proofreader and a copywriter for The Purple Agency. He wrote copy for a master’s degree for a major university, to be used on the university’s website and prospectus materials. He satisfied the brief and wrote some great copy in keeping with the tone and style the client wanted. We received really positive feedback from our client about his work, and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again in the future. He’s also proofread a range of copy written for universities, banks and restaurants and his approach to proofreading is meticulous.
Amanda Sykes, The Purple Agency

Tomahawk Logo Small

Christopher provided us with copy for a web project. With a thoughtful and intuitive approach his imaginative writing style captured every essence of what we aimed to achieve, creating engaging content whilst implementing keywords relating to the target audience. Highly recommended!
James Barrett, Tomahawk Digital

“From the initial brainstorming meeting to the final tweaks on the written content for the script, Christopher was competent, timely and always professional. He captured the serious nature and gravity of the themes involved in our video in a sensitive manner to create a compelling narrative.  As well as delivering the final script, Christopher conducted his own research to get to the heart of the topic and the result was  a hard-hitting and emotive script that perfectly suited the needs of the project. We will definitely use Christopher on future projects.”
Gary Cassey, Cass Productions


“We are very pleased with Christopher. His writing for us has included product copy, sales letters, brochures, press releases and articles for furniture magazines. His work is always creative and meticulous. At the same time he is disciplined and manages his time well. We consider him a valued member of the team.”
Mark Chandler, Vale Furnishers


“Christopher has been working for us since September 2014, interviewing our clients and writing case studies, press releases and blogs. He is fastidious, his use of language is excellent and his work is always of a high standard. He is able to really draw out the benefits of our products.”
Colin Brown, Tesseract Service Management Software


“For the past few months, Christopher has been writing short, snappy blog articles for our website. The quality of his writing is excellent and I always look forward to receiving the next blog, which he delivers on time.”
Darina Georgieva, The Windmill International


“I am in the process of setting up a new mediation business and required professional help to build a website that would give the business the greatest chance of success. Chris Berry was highly recommended to me as both a copywriter and proofreader so I decided to employ him. Chris did an amazing job of researching and formatting my website. The narrative was both interesting and innovative. Moreover he was full of suggestions to help me market the business. As a direct result of his efforts there has already been significant interest in the service I provide. In summary I was delighted with the quality of service provided by Chris Berry and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
Mark Nanji, M&N Mediation

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“Chris was great to work with, really keen to learn about the project in order to get an in depth understanding. I would definitely work with Chris again, a reliable and forward thinking resource!”
Becky Baxter, Rawnet Digital Agency

“Christopher’s writing skills are superb. He has demonstrated his ability to flex his writing style across a range of different subject matters, his writing style is intuitive and highly readable and importantly he delivers on time. I would recommend Christopher as a professional and skilled copywriter.”
K. Williams, Marketing Executive

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“Christopher wrote the new website for Miko Coffee. He writes very well and is able to adapt the language he uses and conform to different styles. I was very pleased with his work on the website; it reads really well. Christopher also writes SEO articles for me on a range of topics. The quality of his work is excellent and he always sticks to deadlines.”
Andy Orchard, Miko Coffee


“Chris has written content for us for over a year, and we have been extremely happy with what he writes for us. Not only is he able to easily cater to the vast variety of topics and target audiences we require, he provides many different styles of writing and content. He is consistently professional, punctual and his writing style is excellent and engaging. We can’t recommend working with Chris enough!”
Reece Howe, Neuro Web Marketing

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“Christopher has consistently provided me with high quality copy that is punchy, engaging, and to the specifications of my brief.  His work is on time, and on budget – I can’t ask for any more.”
Gavin Harris, Plastic Box Web Design


“Christopher has been writing the blog for Puro Fairtrade Coffee for a number of months now, on topics ranging from wildlife and rainforest conservation to coffee farming and recycling. His words are beautiful and he writes really well. He has an excellent grasp of the company’s language and style.”
Tamara Wolf, Puro Fairtrade Coffee


“Christopher rewrote the website for our bookbinding and restoration business. He was meticulous in his approach, seeking to get to the heart of the business and draw out all the possible selling points. I am very pleased with the new website, and with everything Christopher wrote. Thanks!”
Charles Mayhead, The Abbey Bookbindery

“Christopher continues to prove himself as a great writer with superb communication skills. We will continue to work with Christopher! A wonderful resource!”
Dawn Dasburg, Crowd Computing Systems

“Christopher’s articles for my handmade marshmallow business were perfect – informative and engaging and he made my marshmallows sound irresistible – even to me!”
Hazel Pollock, Minto Marshmallows

“Chris obviously worked very hard to research my business and my website and got an excellent feel for what I do. As a result the article that Chris wrote for my website was excellent and gave a good description of what I do and how I do it. I have the fullest confidence in Chris’ writing skills, and also the great effort that he puts in to ensuring what he writes is relevant to the subject.”
Dale Stephens, Dale Stephens Wedding Photography