Business blogs that work

Guest post by Patrick M. Greene, an academic writer for Essay Twist Gone are the days when customers triple just for putting up a couple of printed advertisements. Blogging is now the new fashion when it comes to business marketing. It’s even considered as one of the best ways to draw new customers to your … Continue reading Business blogs that work


Weird Words – Brits vs Yanks

A few hundred years ago, English-speakers sailed away to the New World, taking our language with them. Since that time, a whole ocean has separated us, so the English language on American soil was inevitably going to become a different beast. But the last 50 years have caused the two languages to converge again. Well, … Continue reading Weird Words – Brits vs Yanks

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The complimentary complementary compliment – the beautiful confusion that is the English language

“Compliment” and its nearly identical twin “complement” are two of the most confusing words in the English language, with more meanings than you can shake a stick at. Let’s try and break this down. A “compliment” is when someone says something nice, flattering or praising to you. When they’re saying these things, they’re being “complimentary”. … Continue reading The complimentary complementary compliment – the beautiful confusion that is the English language

When copywriting goes wrong! Lego’s ‘window-licker’ toy

As a copywriter, one of my main jobs is writing product descriptions for retailers and suppliers. These descriptions usually end up on websites or in catalogues and are the little blurbs that sit alongside an image of the product, the price and any relevant specs. Generally I follow 4 rules when I write product copy: … Continue reading When copywriting goes wrong! Lego’s ‘window-licker’ toy

Welcome to the new site!

Hello! Welcome to my new copywriting website! My old website is still live for the moment, but my goal with the new site is to better explain and demonstrate the freelance copywriting services I offer to businesses. I will use this blog to post articles about copywriting, writing in general, my love of language and … Continue reading Welcome to the new site!