Why Should You Hire Me?

An excellent question.

The short answer is that with me, your content is in creative, experienced and commercially aware hands. I have a passion for writing, and that passion shines through every project I work on.

The long answer is that I can think of 8 reasons why you should hire me to write for your business…

1. I’ve written copy for a wide range of businesses, from furniture retailers to technology companies to detective agencies. This has provided me with a diverse insight into how different businesses sell themselves, and a wealth of experience adapting to different companies’ tones, styles and approaches. Have a look at my portfolio and some of my clients for more detail.

2. I have an accredited diploma in copywriting with the Blackford Centre for Copywriting, a qualification that many copywriters don’t have. Many copywriters ‘wing it’, but I’ve been trained in how to write great websites, press releases, sales letters/emails and brochures. This makes me much better placed to write for you.

3. By hiring me, you can use your own time more productively. I’m a writer. I trade in words. How many wasted hours have you spent trying to find the right words to sell your business? Leave that to me and get back to what you do best: running your business.

4. Wherever you are in the world, I can help promote you. I’m based in Haslemere in Surrey, close to the border of Hampshire and towns such as Guildford, Godalming, Farnham, Aldershot and Farnborough. But I’ve worked with clients in London, Manchester and as far afield as Norway and the USA. This national and international reach is because the vast majority of my work is done remotely and I communicate with my clients via email, phone and Skype. So whether you’re in the next town or on the next continent, you’ll always get the same friendly, timely, efficient and creative copywriting service.

5. I’m a lot cheaper than other copywriters. At £40 an hour and £270 a day, my fees are extremely competitive when compared to other freelancers. (The UK average day rate is £342, with some copywriters charging over £800.) Moreover, you get much better value for money from me than from a London advertising agency because I don’t have the same costs or overheads. See my fees for more detail.

6. I work according to your needs. As a freelancer, I don’t work 9 to 5. Advertising agencies are more time-restricted, but I work according to my clients’ needs. If you have a deadline, I’m committed to meeting it, even if it means working through the evening or at the weekend.

7. I’m a qualified lawyer. (See my credentials.) I have four years’ experience as a criminal defence lawyer, and a year’s experience of employment law and commercial litigation. Why does any of this matter? It means my writing skills, including my grasp of grammar, spelling and punctuation, are sound. It also means I have strong research and proofreading skills. But most of all it means I can write persuasively. This is an important skill, because a copywriter has to persuade your audience to believe in your brand message and buy what you’re selling.

8. My creative writing skills will help you be a voice over the noise. I’ve published six children’s books, had a number of short stories published and placed in competitions, and in 2019 I signed a book deal for the release of a series of conspiracy thrillers for adults. This is further evidence of my solid grasp of English and grammar, but more importantly it shows that I have a broad and active imagination. Imagination is very important in copywriting; so much advertising is glossed over and ignored. With a copywriter who is truly creative, you can be assured that your copy will stand out and be a voice over the noise.